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We understand the need for fast turnaround PCB Productions on both small and large orders. Our production facility has expanded to produce over 10,000 parts placements per hour per line. We provide Custom PCBs exceptionally fast with top-end quality and superior performance Prime PCB is a low overhead PCB Board Producer. We can do just a few prototypes or thousands of boards per month! Simply upload your Gerber Files and BOM and we will provide you with a quote in 24 hours. What you can expect with your quote: The highest privacy in the industry.  We will not share your project/files or any designs outside of Prime PCB Solutions! We value your trust!

Details & Requirements

Your quote will include the following:

  • Requested Qty Pricing
  • All Setup Fees
  • Completed PCB with Verification
  • Optional Services such as Conformal Coating, Through-Hole Component Placements, etc.
  • Delivery Times and Shipping Costs from Atlanta, GA

Click here to send us your files for a 24 hour quote!

To build a quality PCB board for you, we will need the following information:

BOM Requirements:

  1. Supplier and Part #
  2. Reference Designator
  3. Description
  4. Package Type (footprint)
  5. The Microsoft Excel format (.xls, .xlsx, .csv, or tab-delimited) is required for the Bill of Materials (BOM).

Gerber Files should be in an RS-274X format. Minimum Requirements:

  • Silkscreen
  • Copper (trace layers)
  • Solder paste layers
  • Example File Formats:
    • .TSK or .SLK = top silkscreen layer
    • .TSM or .SMT = top solder mask layer
    • .TOP = top copper layer
    • .GTP = top paste layer
    • .IPT or .INT = top inner copper layer
    • .BOT = bottom copper layer
    • .IPB or .INB = bottom inner copper layer
    • .BSM or .SMB = bottom solder mask layer
    • .GBP = bottom paste layer
    • .DRI = drill file
    • .OLN = board outline

Click here to send us your files for a 24 hour quote!

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